Hexmag Airsoft

Hexmag, LLC is a Colorado company that developed and manufactures the famous proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer Hexmag magazines for AR15s and other real firearms in the United States.  Made from PolyHex2 Advanced Composite, a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer, Hexmag magazines are lighter than other leading AR-15 magazines, leading to its proliferation in the United States domestic market.

DYTAC acquired the exclusive licensing agreement with Hexmag, LLC, to manufacture licensed Hexmag airsoft products on January 2015; under the brand name Hexmag Airsoft.  The first Hexmag Airsoft products were the nylon-fibre polymer AEG and PTW magazines for airsoft, and Hexmag Airsoft is expanding to create more variations of the Hexmag magazine for the airsoft market.