Besides the products DYTAC offers, our company also provides services in relation to design, manufacturing, quality control and logistics for airsoft guns and accessories to be made in Asia.  For companies seeking assistance on airsoft projects where any of the criteria above requires assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for collaboration in bringing your airsoft project into reality.


The DYTAC team consists of people knowledgeable in manufacturing tooling and the product itself, with its chief engineer having a decade of experience in airsoft manufacturing and computer assisted product development and design.  Besides his experience, our chief engineer also has an academic qualification in  computer assisted design and manufacturing.  

Supporting the chief engineer is a technical team hailing from a large Taiwan-based airsoft manufacturer, assisting in product development and quality control.  DYTAC's managerial and administrative staff have experiences in various fields, which allows DYTAC to operate with a variety of skillsets.

DYTAC's talent therefore have a decade or more experience in the airsoft industry, from manufacturing to as an end-user of the airsoft products.  We keep up to date with real firearms development and knowledge, and understand how real firearms and airsoft function to form a sophisticated knowledge pool for our brand.  We also understand the purposes, capabilities and limitations between real firearms and airsoft, and our design reflects upon this understanding by merging the functions suitable for use on a real firearm in airsoft, at the same time complimenting the internal functions of an airsoft gun or accessory.



Our staff of dedicated professionals is here to assist you. If you have any questions or inquiries concerning DYTAC and its licensed branded products just let us know via the contact form on our webpage and we will provide you with most accurate information.